Back in 2015 we were approached by Matt Exley from Truck Master Expedition Vehicles in QLD to supply a full electrical system including Lithium battery power for there new MAN 4x4 off-road truck.

The mission was to design the full electrical setup including AC generator, a 3kW inverter/charger system along with 500Ah of Lithium battery bank, solar system and switchboard setup. As this was the first of its kind, Matt wanted to fully fit-out this vehicle as the show piece of the Truck Master range which also includes a 800kg crane and satellite TV on the roof.

The 500Ah 12v lithium battery system is charged from the 24v vehicle via a ePOWER DC2DC charger along with 500w of solar on the roof through a Morningstar Tristar controller. ” I wanted to have a dedicated solar controller so I could achieve maximum charge from the vehicle (30A) as well as the solar (35A) at the same time” said Matt. “Also, when on mains or generator power, I can also achieve a further 120A of charge bringing my total to nearly 185A if necessary”.

As the Truck Master Expedition Vehicles are designed to live off the grid permanently, Matt also required a generator to operate the air-conditioning system and electric cooking appliances. Choosing the Fischer Panda 5kVA Inverter Diesel unit was the only choice here. With the Enerdrive ePRO Combi power supporting the generator, Matt has 8.5kw of available AC power at his fingertips via the remote controls. “With the truck now 8 months old, I have only run the generator around 45 hours in total” – ” I find with the performance of the Lithium battery and with the solar/vehicle charging, I don’t really need to switch on the Genny that much”

One particular point that Matt requested, was to be able to run the air-conditioning system off the Lithium battery. Using the ePRO Combi, the air-con circuit runs through the inverter/charger which allows for the Combi to sense the load of the Air-Con and signal the generator to switch on when the battery is getting low. It will also allow for the Combi to “Power Support” the mains or generator supply when required.

To date, the truck as spent many months doing shakedown runs in the outback (even towing a 30ft Game Boat) to fine tune the vehicle and iron out any little bugs so the end user can enjoy absolute trouble free motoring where ever their desire takes them across this country or around the globe.

Enerdrive are proud to have created a solid, reliable electrical system for Truck Master Expedition Vehicles and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Matt and his crew at Truck Master

If you would like more information or interested in purchasing one of the Truck Master Expedition Vehicles range, please contact Matt on 0411 718 058 or visit the website:


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