Schumacher Electric

Enerdrive now stock the Schumacher Electric range of battery chargers, battery test equipment, jump starters, power packs and work lights.

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Enerdrive DC2DC Battery Chargers

DC2DC Battery Chargers

Introducing the new ePOWER 30A DC to DC Battery Charger from Enerdrive. Designed to meet the rugged demands of Australian conditions and delivering multiple source charging for DC systems.

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ePOWER B-TEC Lithium Battery range with Bluetooth™ Technology.

B-TEC Lithium Battery

Introducing the new ePOWER B-TEC Lithium Battery range with Smart Phone Technology. Available in both 12v, 100Ah or 125Ah capacities including smart phone monitoring.

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ePRO Inverter Charger

ePRO Inverter Charger

The ePRO Combi range has the latest generation inverter engine, which guarantees reliable operation and huge output power. A powerful intelligent battery charger and an ultra fast AC transfer switch.

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DeltaQ IC650 Battery Charger

Delta-Q IC650 Charger

The IC650 provides 650 watts of DC output power and is available in three output voltages —24V, 36V and 48V for usage in applications such as lift trucks, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, and electric scooters.

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Enerdrive eLITE & ePRO Battery Monitor

Battery Monitors

The eLITE & ePRO battery monitor selectively displays voltage, charge, discharge current, consumed amp-hours, remaining battery capacity. The ePRO battery monitor also displays the battery bank time remaining.

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Lithium Battery Systems

Complete lithium battery and installation systems designed to maintain maximum protection and performance.

Battery Chargers

Enerdrive’s ePOWER smart battery chargers. Perfect for charging Lithium, Flooded, AGM and GEL batteries.

True Sine Wave Inverters

Efficient and reliable true sine wave power inverters from 400W to 2000W. Portable or hard wired models.

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Enerdrive is committed to the supply and support of the very best independent power products Australia wide. Our dedication to the research and development of our products is mirrored in their quality and reliability. Most of all we strive for excellence in support to both our Distributors and the products we supply. Furthermore, Enerdrive has the national coverage and buying power to supply all your independent power needs. Power Inverters, Smart Battery Chargers, DC to DC Battery Chargers, Inverter / Chargers, Battery Monitors, Solar Panels and Charge Controllers, Lithium Battery Systems, DC to DC Products & more.

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