Enerdrive Technical Tips

Welcome to our Technical Tips page where we share some wise words about our products and other independent power knowledge.

Battery Monitors – a window into your power system

Battery Monitors - a window into your power system - written By Chris McClellan - Director Enerdrive For as long as I’ve been involved in selling Independent Power Products which is now 21 years, battery monitors have been a very major part of the products within my...

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Understanding Pure Sine Power Inverters

An inverter is a piece of equipment that converts DC battery power into AC 230v mains power. Inverters are available in varying wattage outputs ranging from 150w through to 5000w+. When inverters were first invented, they produced what is called a “Modified” sine wave...

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Flat v Angle Installation of Solar Panels

The positioning of solar panels determines the power output. The angle of the sun in relationship to the angle of the solar panel determines the maximum power density. The tilt angle has the biggest effect on the efficiency of the solar panel. When the angle of the...

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Lithium Battery Overview 2016

Lithium Battery Overview 2016 Lithium Based batteries are quickly becoming a reasonable replacement for the 150 year old technology of Lead-Acid batteries. In applications where weight is a consideration, Lithium batteries are among the lightest options available. In...

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How to Charge a flat battery with an ePOWER charger

How to Charge a flat battery with an ePOWER charger. Using an ePOWER charger to recover a battery below 3.5vdc. The ePOWER charger is designed to recharge and maintain a deep cycle battery to the best of its capabilities in normal operating conditions. There however...

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Lithium Battery Systems Explained.

Lithium Battery Systems Explained. Michael Browning, Caravan World. To better understand the advantages of having a Lithium Battery System installed in your new caravan, 4WD or camper van, Wally O'Hea represents Enerdrive as Michael Browning from Caravan World takes...

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