20A Solar Charge Controller


For maintenance free protection of your batteries and solar panels the controllers regulated output will prevent batteries overcharging.

Load Disconnect (LD) feature will protect batteries from being over discharged. Available as 10A or 20A

Enerdrive Solar Charge Controller benefits include:

  • Protects battery from overcharge and discharge
  • Only for 12 Volt solar panels and batteries
  • Handles up to 20 Amps of Array Current
  • Handles up to 350 Watts of solar power
  • Maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries
  • Maintains battery voltage
  • Maintain 12V batteries in a fully charged state


Product Features:

  • LED status indicator provides quick reference to Charger, Battery and load status
  • Selectable battery type
  • Temperature compensation
  • High precision on voltage set point
  • Wall mountable
Enerdrive 12 V 10 A / 20 A Solar Charge Controllers
Enerdrive Part Number EN41010 EN41020
Battery voltage 12 Vdc 12 Vdc
Max. PV panel open circuit voltage 26 Vdc 26 Vdc
Maximum charge current 10A 20A
Maximum load current 10A 20A
Maximum load current 20 A for 1 minute 40 A for 1 minute
Operational Current (no load & no PV) <10 mA <15 mA
Regulated battery charging voltage
Flooded Battery 14.6 Vdc 14.6 Vdc
Sealed Battery 14.2 Vdc 14.2 Vdc
Operational Current (no load & no PV) <10 mA <10 mA
Voltage across terminal (PV to Battery) <0.15 Vdc <0.15 Vdc
Voltage across terminal (Battery to Load) <0.10 Vdc <0.10 Vdc
PV Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Battery Overcharge Protection
Flooded Battery 14.6 Vdc 14.6 Vdc
Sealed Battery 14.2 Vdc 14.2 Vdc
Load Overdischarge Protection <11.5 Vdc <11.5 Vdc
Load Reconnected Voltage 12.6 Vdc 12.6 Vdc
Battery Chargers Stages 2 Step: Bulk and Float
Recommended Wire Size #12 AWG #10 AWG
Operating temperature -40°C – 60°C -40°C – 60°C
Dimensions (H x W x L) 3.4 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
Weight 0.3 Kg
Warranty 2 Years
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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