12V-40A Low Battery Cut Out


The Enerdrive Low Battery Cut Out (LBCO) is used to prevent main battery excessively discharge.

When the battery voltage reaches 12.8V, the LBCO engages (it reverts to its original state) connecting the load to the battery, and the LBCO’s alert light switches off. When the voltage falls bellow 11V for 3 to 6 seconds, the LBCO automatically detects this and switches off the essential circuit load. This system eliminates the possibility of draining the battery and protects sensitive electronic equipment powered from the house battery from harmful engine start up spikes.
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
Rating Voltage DC12V
Cut in 12.8V±0.1
Cut off 11V±0.1
Continuous Current 40A

Installation Instructions:

1. Ensure that the load does not exceed the capability of the Low Battery Cut Out you have purchased.

2. Isolate the Battery by disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery.

3. Select a location for the Low Battery Cut Out that is easily accessible and will not have cables running near any hot surface and is as close as possible to the battery.

4. Remove the lower mounting plate from the Low Battery Cut Out to use as a template and mark the position for the four (4) holes to be drilled. Drill the holes using a 3.5mm (9/64) drill bit.

5. Secure the two (2) blind holes of the base with the short 4.2mm screws.

6. Connect a positive lead from the positive battery terminal to the Battery Pos+ Terminal of the Low Battery Cut Out (Note you will cut the notched sections in the Low Battery Cut Out housing where you require the cables to exit).

7. Connect the Positive Cable to the Load Pos+ Terminal of the Low Battery Cut Out.

8. Connect the Low Battery Cut Out Earth lead to a clean earth on your application.

9. If using the Override wire connect a toggle switch (Switch Not Supplied) to the yellow override wire and connect the other side of the toggle switch to earth. (If you do not require the override feature insulate the yellow override wire and tie in a convenient location).

10. Mount the Low Battery Cut Out to the bottom plate using the two(2) longer 4.2mm screws.

Low Battery Cutout Installation

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